Two Worlds Update 1.7
incl. Add-On Tainted Blood

from V.1.6.0 to V. 1.7.0 (48MB)

ZUXXEZ Server  

from V.1.x.x to V. 1.7.0 (1,13GB)

ZUXXEZ Server  


Tainted Blood FAQs

F: I can't find the Add-On.
A: The Add-On "Tainted Blood" is only available in the multiplayer part but can be played alone.

F: How do i start a map from the Add-On?
A: Login into one of the multiplayer servers, press F12, choose a map from the mission window which begins with [DC1] or [DC3], click on '*Create' and when the connection window appears press F12 again.
Now a map from the Add-On starts.

F: Can i play the Add-On offline too?
A: No

F: Will there be additional Add-Ons?
A: Yes. The world of Antaloor will continue crowing in the future.


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